Gods lil Fukker i glide on broken wings
rising to the sun
mind aches of so many things
the day has begun

i beg on weakened knees
words are cried
i ask that you please
my words have died

perverse is who we are
a mind has gone mad
run away, go far
expressions go sad

drive on, ride away
sun shines bright
visit, cannot stay
should i put up a fight ?

dont be gone
take my breath
is it done ?
fallen to death.
Lemon_Soda "Where was she?"

"A dead rocks, choking, smoke,heat, and hate. I could not breathe."

"But you found her. My, she is radiant, even all smudged like that."

"She fell from sky. All things that fall from sky beautiful...Birds, Rain, Stars...her."

"Where do you suppose the land she was taken leads to?"

"To death."
ff damn, I was mislead by the title.

*turns from mailbox and stomps away*

a chaotic gift to idealism i prey it not so, Lemon_Soda.
i prey it will be the land of reasoning. the land of reconsiliation. the land that opens eyes and makes one realize.. makes one want what has always been their own.
i prey this land does not lead to death.
Lemon_Soda Actually thats an excerpt from abook I'm writing. 050614
a chaotic gift to idealism cheers 050614
REAListic optimIST not only is the name of the person who posted above me rather intriguing, but also lemon soda's dialogue.

*clinks the glass of his crt monitor*

"to death!"
a chaotic gift to idealism what's to be intrigued by sir/miss ? 050617
Lemon_Soda Glad you you found it interesting. 050617
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