Quintessensual On the macroscopic level, the simplest of the sciences. All the rules are well established. These are the rules relating work and heat to the tendency of matter to flow spontaneously from order to disorder. They are all embraced by the three great Laws of Thermodynamics, that have never been broken, as far as we know. 991126
Disco Stu what about the microscopic level? 010906
perspiration Thermodynamics and its great laws should be brought up in blather indigo at least once every two or three years. To keep the discourse elevated or, if you will, on the straight and narrow.

So here goes,

Energy is conserved. That's the First Law of Thermodynamics.

Energy is not recyclable, in the sense of readily reusable in substantially the same form. That's because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
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kx21 "The_beast_in_Freedom_And_DEmocracy"

Definition: FADE 123

1) Entropy

Bully the Poor "Sheep"

2) Black_Hole

Bury the Fact(s) / Truth(s)


3) Beat around_and_across the Bush(es)

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dosquatch Say something, damn_you! I don't care what, just say something that isn't a self citation, a copy and paste from google, or a list of nonsense equations.

And if it starts "oops" I swear I'll hunt you down and beat you with your own keyboard.
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What's_the_point- Bill Clinton...
. * a_Point_in_time *

* Former U.S. President Bill Clinton

'the United Nations is better suited than the United States to lead Iraq toward democracy.'

"Democracy cannot be imposed - the Iraqis have to want it."

'the Bush administration should have given U.N. inspectors a final chance to look for the weapons of mass destruction that it accused the Iraqi leader of hoarding and gave as the main justification for its invasion of Iraq.' 040524
mr. song SHIT! 141212


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