empty How can i tell you,
that it's the little things that bother me most?
when you stare at me,
and remind me of this?
But, isn't that how it is with everyone?
What we think is the problem, really isn't?
And really, there is a child inside of us that reacts, or neglects.
There's nothing really complicated about us, but at the same time ther is.
While we know what we feel, and know others feel the same, there is a labyrinth, filled with traps and dead ends that lies between the world and our hearts. We'll never show anyone the way, we never made a map.
So even we are locked inside,
Not knowing the way out.
geisha the little things are what makes us happy
and what hurts us the most.
f yes thats true....

its the sentimental things... they are the best..
don't shake your tic tacs at me !

and the selfish things too.. like waking your housemate up late at night.
consideration is a good thing.

don't yell... just talk straight at them.. in a calm way.. remember to look into their eyes when you do it... they will know you really mean it. avoid conflict.. just be truthful and straight to the point.

sleep time.
no reason saying hi.
showing/telling someone you appreciate them.
sincerely offering to help, or letting someone know you're there if needed.

these things aren't so little when you crave them or need them. even when you don't realize you do.
what's it to you?
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