psyki when you hear the wind fall
and you see the rain blow
just deafen your eyes
and blind your ears
and calm your tears
and dry your fears
and throw your spears
~gez~ she signed on, told me i surprised her and she didnt want to speak. i lost it and threw a brick through the window. wait for an explanation, it is usually reasonable 020809
sphinxradio so i declare a holiday, fall asleep, drift away. 050329
in a silent way there should be sulk scarves. we could wear our sulking around our necks; turn something sad into something useful. 130219
unhinged i'm not sure how to feel about what he wants from me. it smells and tastes a lot like rejection, but i'm not sure exactly what to make of it.

so i sulk.

still searching for validation
and getting miserable
when i don't find it
yoink amen, but not quit so sad about it. i became a little more coldblooded. when it gets cold i can just freeze until the bad times go away. then i'll thaw out. 130220
yoink dammit. quite. see? 130220
silentbob It has reached the point where the amount of lengthy emails we send each other has become a thing I look forward to and miss when it is absent. 130221
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