:^( becuase i said so, that's why. 001005
tourist Hell of a good Film , adapted from a book by the name "The wages of Sin"
About a group of Expatriates all on the run for their own past misdeeds, that find themselves traped in Tierra Del Fuego , Working in a petroleum company camp. In order to actually make enough money to get away they take on the task of transporting unstable explosives overland to a remote well site where it is needed to extinguish a well fire. The company will pay whoever gets there with the load, but it is sent in two seperate Old Trucks, because it's Instabillity makes it highly probable that it will detonate before it arrives.
Effingham Fish I only ever watched it because it was on TNT at about 2:00 AM one summer and I thought it was one of those lame_ass fantasy flicks I love so much. It took me half an hour to realize that nobody was going to get warped into another dimension, but by that time, I couldn't change the channel. TV Preview gave it two stars out of four. I thought it deserved three, at least, but these are the same jackasses who thought SLC_Punk only rated one, so what can you expect. My favorite part is still the people tearing down the Generalissimo's picture at the beginning, then putting it back up at the end. Oops, didn't mean to give anything away, there. Too bad. 020218
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