birdmad a nervous twitch

sometimes indicative of pleasure or the anticipation thereof, and at other times indicative of discomfort
sammy i do to know
the toss
is rigged;
pralines&cream I shuddered when I read some someone's posts tonight ... and not in a good way. 020329
trixie not always such a bad thing
when your friends touch you and you're not sure what it means... is he interested? or is he just touchy feely. anyway, its nice and builds up all night and then your body wants to see him again and your mind just goes along for the ride.
TalviFatin Soft light filtering through
your porch is still on
Computer blinking a green hue
the room is getting too warm

Tossing the covers, turning over
I can feel you hit my thigh
I want so much just to tell you
instead I lay there and silently sigh

You shudder when I touch your back
ever so lightly with fingertips
tracing your spine up to your neck
I try desperately not to breathe

The only thing you feel is me
I wonder if it hurts
You shake so violently
I dont even get a smirk

You keep your eyes closed
and moan softly when i try to leave
guilt visits
but I flee indefinately
nonsensical shivers at night, and slowly i open my eyes, a sudden realization that it is morning. 031202
(_) breathe deep lonliness
for them all alone and i
can't take it away
three_single_words three_single_words 060822
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