ever dumbening is a prick. he thinks he runs blather. he's rude to anti-social butterfly, and took advantage of her when she was upholstered with bacardi_151. color me reactionary, batman, but i think he should be banned and then killed. "first he's gonna shit, then he's gonna kill us." can you believe that was forest whitaker? but i digress.

so, in conclusion:


and besides, he singlehandedly made today's list as long as it is, if ju can fuckin believe dat chit maign.
paste! yeah, fuck shitman. he's a dirty fucker. i don't mind the dickheads, it's the dirty fuckers that piss me off. 011203
anti-social butterfly um, is my bacardi_151 blathe yet again the source of another blathe (shitman)? you guys crack me up. i think i am the source, yet i feel completely out in the open as to what you guys are talking about. shitman? shit, man, i am confused. you guys rock. clue me in someday. 011204
paste! you are certainly the butterfly whose flapping created a typhoon in a far away land. danke. i'm not german. 011204
yoink i am fuckin gdrunk and her ei am sitting withsing she was with me but i'm a fuckehad iand i have to be older thaN HER AND ALL THA FUCKING SHIT AND I HAVE OT OLOIVE AWAY FROM HER AND DISTANCE AND ATGE AND DISTNACE AND AGE FUCK FUCK FUCK
I AM IN Love but it doesn't makek sense
shit i always fuck it up i want the world to end i want to go home i want to cry icry i cry i cry about it day and night

i love you
bethany ok so if you reside in
the same time zone as myslef

you're an alcoholic
smoking mirror WE ARE BURSTING WITH ENERGY!!! 021230
god we are bursting with fruity flavor 030611
lostguy i kan't understand a word yoink is trying to type... 040211
what's it to you?
who go