syd Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Little by little the night turns around.
Counting the leaves which tremble at dawn.
Lotus's lean on each other in urning.
Over the hill the swallow is resting.
Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Over the mountain watching the watcher.
Breaking the darkness waking the grapevine.
Morning to birth is born into shadow
Love is the shadow that ripens the wine.
Set the controls for the heart of the sun.
The heart of the sun, the heart of the sun.

Who is the man who arrives at the wall?
Making the shape of his questions at asking.
Thinking the sun will fall in the evening.
Will he remember the lesson of giving?
Set the controls for the heart of the sun.
The heart of the sun, the heart of the sun.
Sol dear god.
although well aware of baby satans culinary capabilities (or perhaps due to) I was wondering if you had set a babydemon lock on the controls to the sun before you went away?
aka pat sajaks ghost naw. bs has got the whole shebang in his scorched leathery hands 010628
god re: baby satan ennyways, i'm back from milwaukee. baby satan did a hell of a job while i was away. i'm thinking of giving him a job as chief chef up here, if he'll take it. 010805
astronomy domine birdmad neptune
stars can frighten
Gollum flicker flicker flicker flam 010805
the Walrus don/t forget the tubular
guidance system !
yellow 5 set a course for the alpha quadrant. warp nine. engage. 020409
InariKitsune I have been up all night and I don't remember how I got here. I am very happily lost amidts the text. I love it. 020827
sirflaccid DAMN another really good song title!!! 020828
celestias shadow It's a sundive...... they do one at the end of every Disaster_Area concert. 031127
too much lsd i've got a clan of gingerbread men
here man
there a man
lots of gingerbread men
take a couple if you wish, they're on the dish
z piper at the gates of dawn 050827
what's it to you?
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