phil the amount of light 040405
zeke in what discipline?
are you working in lighting?

this is a technical color theory term. in color theory saturation describes the condition measurable as the deviation from neutrality regardless of value. in the color solid 0% saturation is any position along the axis between black (the south pole) and white (the north). along this gradient lies every grey theoreticaly possible. any point along the surface of the equator is 100% saturation. any other point of the surface and interior is at some % other than 0 or 100%. all of the primary and secondary colors are on the surface of the equator. this covers what many would refer to the rainbow colors or the spectrum colors. colors above the equator are tints and below are shades.
phil colors are names
tints and shades are adding white and black to hues

phil saturation is the purity of color 040405
phil You can change color and value without changing saturation.
The color wheel is layed out with yellow on top being the highest value color to purple, the lowest value, at the bottom.
phil The saturation is compared to the color wheel, regardless of lighting. 040406
phil aka intensity 040406
phil Black under intense light is saturated, since it has absorbed the most light a color can.
Combining colors increases the amount of light they can hold.

I suppose the same can be said for the color white in absolute darkness.

Saturation is the amount of one thing in another.
Syrope i feel 040406
jthemo the amount of one thing in another. what a great explanation.
but who needs science when we feel it?
who needs to know a measurement when i sense it?
do i need numbers to show me what i see when i see you?
yes, go on..
tell me of the fingertips that quiver
tell me of smile that delights in your face
tell me of the hop in my step
what a science it is.
science cannot tell you the truths of yourselves. the meaning of saturation? molecules are not the first place i would look.
look to god
look to a story
true saturation.
Borealis I saw you saturated with slurpee today!
does that count?
uow loss of 040919
Syrope i can still feel 040919
what's it to you?
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