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pralines&cream Sassafrass means rootbeer.

I just found this out today.

Like, "sassafrass-flavored" equals "rootbeer-flavored"

I always thought of sassafrass as like a fight, as in "Break up this sassafrass and get back to class!!!"

But no, it's the same as rootbeer.
Mahayana: Zakah: sassafras
(Sassafras albidum)

eastern No. American tree
(Sassafras albidum)
of the laurel family
having both:
aromatic leaves

the carcinogenic
dried root bark
of the sassafras
used formerly as
a diaphoretic or
flavoring agent

The aromatic:
and root are used as:
a flavoring,
a traditional home medicine,
and as a tea.

The aromatic roots yield about 2% oil of sassafras, [once] the characteristic ingredient of root beer.

It has furrowed bark, bright-green twigs, small clusters of yellow flowers followed by dark-blue berries, and three distinctive forms of leaves, often on the same twig:

two-lobed (mitten-shaped),
and entire.

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Mahayana: Zakah: [where is here]
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your a blessing
to many Claire
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blue Water is the element of the healing, psychic, and loving. Water is love. It is purifying and cleansing. It is of Autumn and of the dusk

Color - blue
Type of Energy- Receptive
Metals- Mercury, Silver, and Copper
Season- Autumn
Direction- West 
Astrological Sign- Scorpio***
Elemental- Undine
Gods- Poseidon, Llyr, Oceanus, Enki
Goddesses- Aphrodite, Mari, and Nammu
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jessica fletcher at my family cemetary there is a sassafrass tree. if you scratch at the leaves or dig at the roots, there is this fantastic smell. it reminds me of everything i was before middle school and everything i am now that i'm leaving high school. it makes a great drink, and i am always thirsty. 020517
ClairE Just as I said before, I_am_here.

Just as Kate_Bush said, "Don't_give_up_the_fight..."
Christina I don't know exactly when the sap is strongest in the roots, but there is a certain time of year. During this time you can dig up the roots, boil them, and make tea. 021009
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