Q as long as I'm your passenger and it's god by my side 000122
birdmad i stay under glass

twiggie here, i lay
(still and breathless...)
jess im your passenger... 020521
jess here...i lay..still and breathless... just like always still your passenger. Chrome buttons, buckles and leather surfaces, theese and other lucky to calm me, this time wont you please drrriiiivvvveee ffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssstttttteeeeeerrrrr...!!! ROLL the windows down this cool night air is curious, let the whole world look in, who cares who sees anything? IM YOUR PASSENGER

drop...these...down, then... put them on me,, to cusion your knees. Now to calm me take me around again, dont pull over. this time wont you please...DDRRRIIIVVVEEE FFAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEERRRR ROLL the windows down this cool night air is curious, let the whole world look in who cares who sees what tonight? ROLL these misty windows down to catch my breath and then GO!! and GO!! and Dont just drive me home and back again. IM YOUR PASSENGER!!

Here...I lay...still and breathless, just like always...dont let me go...go...go...just take me to the edge...
. ~~**`Deftones`**~~ 020521
i am jack iggy pop 020521
blatherer chino + maynard are good 030209
another blatherer roll the windows down,
this cool
is curious
gaz Every good song I've seen repeated on this shit has wrong lyrics somewhere. Don't see how you can type the song and "love" the band without knowing the full lyrics to the song. 030904
nomatter ^I was noticing the same thing.
The same mall rats who ruined hot topic, I bet.
jane i am a passenger on your train. i ride along, wondering what will pass your windows next, looking for the next gleam in your glass eyes. watching the leaves turn toward the sun as the cornrows meet at a vanishing_point on the horizon. i want more than anything to keep this train going but i know there will come a time when i have to get off 040219
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