anyway i care too much about everything. I overreact. I feel to deeply about shallow things. he hates me. No he doesn't, i was overreacting. he is freaked out by me because I overreact. he just doesnt like me. my chances at going back to being friends are gone. I can't even talk to him, and he's the only person i want to talk to. He likes h e r. now its my turn to be jealous of her. He has his mind/heart (spleen) in the right place. She is wonderful and deserves him. He deserves her. They are great. I shouldn't keep her from taking action just because i am infatuated with him. my arm is sore.
god i just want to cry but i can't. my arm is twitching. thats never happened and it would be really damn cool if i hadnt just hurt it a minute ago. i probly fucked up something in there.
cool. I told you that arm is evil.
well seeya.
god i just want to be able to say seeya so nonchalantly to him. he wouldn't hear me anyway.
silentbobfuckyou i dont feel this reaction is wrong. 010711
PrettyHate no man, i'm going to tell you right now
tough shit. Get it?

i'm sick of these reflective games and I'm going to swear: Go Fuck Yourself!

A few of you entangled with me can take that as a message for you from me.

Go lock your dogs back up.
Syrope it'd been different if i hadn't predicted to yifat that it would happen. the night before. 040822
what's it to you?
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