beccers if you can find it,
it's the yummiest
juice smoothie brand
i've been able to get my hands on-
was introduced in colorado,
found it at my grocery store-
produce section,
next to the prepackaged carrots-
BR0d0 I'll try to find it
never happen!
I'll hungry but the waves are overflowing me. It's just noise, nothing more...
...look it! it's falling down
counterentity word. everyone can use some odwalla in their life. 040205
realistic optimist they sure are expensive. i usually have to wait for them to go on sale for $2. $3 is a bit steep, even if their superfood, protein, or dutch chocolate shakes are indeed yummy. 040205
Strideo yes they're good. I have one every once in a blue moon.
big brother owned by coca cola 050903
misstree these made me happy. especially when my higherup used to bring in two protien shakes, one for her and one for me, because she knew that neither one of us ate a proper lunch and she wanted to make sure i was healthy. now *that's* good work environment.

for reals about coca cola? (pointedly ignores google for an answer.) aww, maaaan. i had a tour of the coca cola factory in the chicago 'burbs when i was a chittlin, and there is no other smell that has the staying power of wrongness in my memory. not the most overwhelmingly foul, but just, nasty chemically with just enough familiar undertones that you can almost sense its relationship with the sodas, and in the sodas you can detect the faroff echo of that smell.

that is the scent that i associate with large corporations.
unhinged good juice
not so good soy milk
what's it to you?
who go