auburn Dustin.

For no reason, and every reason.
auburn And it's good to remember this. And appreciate it.

He so deserves to be remembered.
unhinged the way he held my hand driving stick down the highway. the way his friends would give me the knowing look cause he talked about me when i wasn't around. the way we started dating:

hands on my hips in a dark crowded bar whispered_in_the_ear 'so when are we getting married?'

walking all the way from austintown to cafaro house to tell me he loved me

(i try not to remember his bossy older man syndrome; or the nasty shit he said to me when he started doing coke again. the way he broke up with me by ignoring my calls; yeah, i try not to remember that)
In_Bloom When he was happy again and married again
When we were all a family again
Sharing friends again
I keep my name in his honor, my friend
Mostly I remember he is still my best friend
He is always hoping the best for me again
I should remember that and keep trying
Somebody that I used to know Mostly,
I remember the blood. The way I was completely unprepared for the amount of blood there would be. The way it warmed my leg as it dripped down, soaking my black pajamas. I clung to the fabric as I tried to not spill it on the carpet. Fuck the carpet. I tried not to look down as it filled the toilet. I don't know what I expected to see. A hand? A little eyeball floating in the massive clots? Then I just lay on the tile. Feeling it escaping me. Watching our child go down the drain.
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