pralines&cream Your love
is warm and sweet like honey
flowing ever softly down,
around me,
over me.
But thicker than that sweet brown stuff,
and rich,
like molasses,
drip-dropping down old maples,
spreading slowly, gently
over bark, and
and heart.
jestification paw paw said don't eat too much,
save some for the cows.
'cause it might make your tummy sick.

i ate too much anyway,
and now the cows can have it forever.
jokingjaguar (a joke)

one time there were three little moles who were running around in their underground home when they each caught a sniff of something that smelled really good!

they got outside of their hole and went towards this sweet smelling aroma and then they got to a window and there sitting on the edge was a fresh-baked pie.

Now the moles grouped up so they were positioned with one of the little moles directly behind the other two.

the first one in front said, "I smell sugar!"

the second one in front said, "I smell honey!"

the one directly behind them said, "Yeah??? Well, I smell mole-asses!"

*this isn't my joke, and I have to give credit to who ever thought of it. . .i just thought is was funny and made me think of it when I read the word "molasses"
health nut molasses was the last word i expected to find a blathe about. molasses is sugar with all the nutrition left in it. it's chock full of wholesome goodness. so much for sugar being empty calories. 040405
furiana good in homemade pumpkin pie 051025
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