donaldson http://www.lowbrow.com

The addiction is much too much when the choice is made to go from blathering to
shameless promo www.lowbrow.com

not as good as blather but a really cool site
SuicidalAngel Hell yeah lowbrow is pretty cool 021130
screwing for virginity i have known about lowborw for a grand total of around 90mins now (thinks to this blath), and its gotten to the point where almost every refresh is a repeat. 021201
is anyone else getting this msg? Forbidden
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
ever dumbening holy shite, y'all. the folks who bring you lowbrow are good friends of mine. they live five minutes from my house. our camp at burning man in 2001 was called camp lowbrow. if you came in and told a lowbrow story you got a cocktail. small (electronic) world, eh? 021201
cronic "brower" There's nothing worse than a q-tip in your penis.

- tetragrammaton@erols.com


Oh, I think there is. Try inserting a two inch long piece of plastic, tapered at the end, in there because the doctor told you to after your surgery to correct a urethral stricture. You have to keep the incision he made from closing up in order for the surgery to be successful so three times a day for about 2 months you have to inflict this upon yourself. Ever have to do that? Sure it hurt like Hell, and the blood, ...oh the humanity. And then there's having to piss through an open wound, that sucks beyond words. That shit will make a man out of anyone, but the road enroute will be filled with little girly tears.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.(No pun intended.)

- wychlea@yahoo.com
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