typhoid reruns of yesterday's cuisine
(antipop for a pop world..)
camille shrimp with saute'd squash garlic and potatoes 000309
Quake save some for me please
for that multiply leftover would still be really fine
Shugarhi they stay in my fridge until they get all fuzzy and then the house starts to smell of rotting food and we sometimes we remember to clean it out... 010515
xyz better than freshly cooked food. 031228
chrismyco Instead of dead heart I feel tuna
spring loaded salt entering.
tonight is fresh again something fierce
tomorrow is stingey but loose
hope for crab
interconnected fuzz I feel like fruit in a dark crack. travel with a gust of musturd
kale of hell spread like black mayo internaly
gust of spore
hostle takeover slow but painless numb fright dissolved into tears ending with love.
try a bite.
girl_jane This is what I feel like...leftover birhtday cake that somebody put in the fridge with intentions to eat. When I was new, I brought happiness and excitement, and I was quite tastey.

Eventually, I just got shoved to the back behind other things. Now I'm getting stale and my frosting is getting crusty. Pretty soon, the fridge will be cleaned out, and that's when people will try to figure out what the hell I used to be before I was moldy.

This really sucks.
what's it to you?
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