me? mmm... steamed kale and polenta.. for breakfast. almost beats 5 oz. raw tofu... mmm... 991124
amy kale is a very old vegetable, cultivated by the Egyptians before they decided to abandon their civilization. the Jews sneaked some kale seeds in their knapsacks while crossing the border to the Fertile Crescent, where it doesn't grow very well. recognizing its exceptional nutritional value, several Jewish families grew kale inside their greenhouses primarily for the sake of future generations that would be better able to cultivate this curly green. 000206
nomme) hail the kale 050725
hsg thanks amy. 050726
daxle yum
a little garlic, braggs, and sesame seeds mixed in
a_big_lobster i used to text message pictures of the kale i made to this guy in seattle

he texted pictures back to me

then he came here and we made kale together

then i sent him home because he was a jerk

flowerock kale_chips ^.^ 140719
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