splinken looking for a nice, warm hoodie in wal-mart around one a.m.

the employees were bunched around the customer service desk, talking about profanity.

this girl kept shouting that "god damn" should be banned from all human conversation because "it says so in the bible."

one of them was very cute. he was arguing with the "god damn" girl. i looked up at him and smiled, smiled long enough to make sure he knew i was smiling at him.

i went to pay for my stuff, and he stopped mid-sentence, stuttered some word starting with a P, and looked at me for a second. then he and the "god damn" girl make a quick exit to aisle 5.

i've still got it, goddammit.
klairchen The wal-mart is open at 1 a.m. where you live?

Oh, the luxury.
splinken big pimpin'

oh pee um wow, i guess you think you're so cosmo now don't you. 010516
megan be kind to each other. smile once in awhile. get outside! 021116
hsgatincamail im in howell, by the reservoir. 040614
yeah armpit of america 061116
hsg wALMART in lakewood_nj used to be open 24-7 but they got dumb and now close at eleven (if I rememberight). 061117
hsg or maybe it's technically howell, not lakewood.

who cares? nj can't even figure out where the statue_of_liberty lies.
nom 061117
Ces New_Jersey.
I'm afraid I've grown rather fond of this state. The diversity is incredible. Drive a mere 20 miles and everything can change.
hsg thaz what makes it garden.

who are the gardeners?

and what do they want with its people?

density offers efficiency. this is best used for most important projects. what's most important? money? maybe knowledge.
knowledge about what, i_do_not_know. but it makesense that those dense people are being used for knowledge.
ergo In the long ago NYC trucked most of their
fresh food in from Jersey. Thus it was referred to as the garden state.
It had a lot of "truck farms".
In_Bloom Soft cotton garment in Midnight Blue
It has your scent now and the memory of your fingers
Stroking and tugging
Damp with moisture from your lips
what's it to you?
who go