Deomis I stood and listened to the sound the wind made as it fell off the cliff. 050122
pSyche copies and pastes I dreamt it was too late
you had done it already
you were gone
"said you found a way to end it peacefully..."
but I was too late

I didn't get the letter until weeks later
I found it when I was cleaning and moved the door
two paged note
addressed to me
the handwriting was atrocious
it looked like a child's
and you were rambling on
about needing to talk to me
needing to see me
oh, wouldn't that have been perfect?
but I was too late

maybe I could have convinced you
that life was worth living
and that maybe I'd spend some time with you
just so you wouldn't be alone
but who am I?
I don't know you.
you're just another sad person
amongst the sad people in my life
that say they need me
but I know they really don't
and I know they can go on
but I never say the right words
and what if I said something to provoke you?
and what if I fell in love with your sadness?
and you ended it anyway
where would that put me?

so, I read the letter again
you were barely alive when you wrote it
I can see the desperation in those letters
on the first page
that are larger than the rest

your poetry
your words

wanted to call your dad, but it was too late
and now you can haunt me

-Kristy Ann Hoffman
Lemon_Soda . 050608
skyburst777 i go to the dock but my ship was gone 050608
skyburst777 got not go go go away messy me 050608
skyburst777 i got to the dock but my ship was gone 050608
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