Lotusmagic I think. 020803
elsa more than i love myself 030628
delial this will be the first time we've been together since i told him so.

[ help_me ]
celestias shadow i do. i really do. but i'm not quite sure where to focus yet. i may never know. 031012
phil Tell him you need help. 031013
ferret and there's nothing i can do about it unless i throw my emotional_off_switch 031013
homo_boy Je_t'aime 031123
shivers but im not sure if he loves me back nemore 031123
f a great scilence overcomes me,
and i wonder why I ever thought to use language.
brain stew how do you know? 031124
jennipher sans dots i love him because he is part of my family. we aren't related by blood, but we seem to have something common flowing through our veins. i understand his wackiness when no one else does. he understands when i am flying in a million directions that are all purely me. i love being in his warm sunny arms. it feels like home. 040406
Mizuko Its not because he's forbidden.
Its not because he's "well equipped".
Its not because he's a challenge.
Its not because he's my "safety net".
Its not because he's been programmed into my life and set firmly into his role as "male companion".
....Or is it? What is it about this guy that could so possibly be wrong for me that infects my mind like a debilitating disease?
I know that I love him. And I know that he loves me too. So why am I always so...uncomfortable, discontent, antsy, skiddish, full of trepidation whenever I think about him or us when he is away?
Am i just that insecure, or what?
Is there really ever a time when love can be wrong?
what's it to you?
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