puredream I lied when I said I didn't care... 040708
piercedjenny "I lied"
It's easier to say those words to someone
Than it is to admit to ourselves.
alkaline bird my face off
when i said
that i would be OK
love & hate I lied when i said i would get through this. I lied when i said i would stop hurting myself. I lied when i said that i could get over you. I lied when i said i could survive... 040709
reue when you asked, if i was alright when i was walking away the night before
i said, 'yes'
but in truth i wasn't alright.
i got to my car and everything inside me fell apart
i felt like an old wound ripped open
i sat there, for just a moment, and just poured out
Sintina I haven't lost touch with anything that could make me want to type like this on blather ever again.

A true blatherer never truly leaves.
Doar i did steal your pizza pop...

can you ever forgive me?
walrie i don't know, that pizza pop was pretty important to me.

sometimes i think i lie too much.
nocturnal I lied until I fit the bill, god bless the great indoors
I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend
what if something's on tv and it's never shown again
I lied about being the outdoor type.
vernon love i lied when you said you loved me
i said i loved you too
the mechanical response
of the expected
volley and return
coz i didnt want to hurt you
but in the end it hurt me too
what's it to you?
who go