typhoid mmm.
the come and go, this spasms in the muscles at the base of my skull, pulling the bones of my head into alternate shapes, changes in phrenology, changes in personality. an ache for any head.
Joana. Blood running through my skull... flowing around... reaching my soul and pouring pain all over my mind... half-closed eyes... there's no strength to speak... too much blood to think... how many times have they told me that I'll die of this... how morbid can they be? 000303
LifeLoveSoul Anyone have any Advil or Tylenol or something? Please share. I am in need. Fine then, keep walking. Pretend you don't hear me! You think you're better than me? Because I have a headache and need medicine while you don't have a headache but have plenty of cures? Well, perhaps...but please do share. At the very least, help me figure out why I keep giving myself these headaches. I am in need. In need of myself. Unfortunately, you cannot give me that. But perhaps you can help me find him. And then I will share him with you. And the headaches will be nothing more than passing old habits. 030129
DavesHeroinGirl I hear the best cures for headaches are kept in a mid-atlantic city known for streaks, Raining In... and girls that are willing to kiss headaches away. Your pain will reoccur "Nevermore." 030129
marjorie You're the pounding in my head
The excedrin caught in my throat
The goddamn butterflies
Somebody get a net
You're the worst headache I've ever had
You make my nightmares cost more
no reason caused by vitamins? 091203
BLECH veisalgia 091203
no reason perma-ache
no reason can be one of the most debilitating ailments. they are aggravated by watching tv, being on the computer, listening to music, and basically everything except lying in the dark. 091204
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