typhoid one_night
roast roasted
till i'm blue in the face
digitalis digital digits
extened to extent
full length across the spline of your spine
dancing moonlight bliss
twilight hiss
time ripening
scope hyperacting
twist twist twist
touch touch touch.
we all are elves
bloody potato chip if_its_in_you 010720
Norm I love this tool. I made my first one in the summer of grade nine. First Time I used it, it hurt like a bitch, but I got so drunk I couldn't see, I slept over to a chicks house I had a crush on in grade 7 and was still a super babe. It was a quality funnel with a clear funnel top and a clear hose. It had a sticker on it that said "It's not a beer belly. It's a fuel tank for my sex machine." on it. We've mad many more since than. I've kept that one in my room. We warmly call it "The Original". 010827
Norm I found an motor, spray painted it silver, stuck some hoses and plastic sticks and metal hooks to it. I put it in the trunk of my freinds car and now when ever where at a party with the funnel I ask the chicks who are watching if they want to see my sex machine and if they say yes I say "follow me..." and lead them to my friends car and open the trunk and say "well there it is" and then if their ugly I leave and if their hot I say "just joking... Wanna see the real thing?"

I think its hilarious so sometimes I just drop to the ground holding my sides and laughing at the look they get on their face.
not god we put the "fun" in "funeral" 050514
anomalous storm dreams, i run 050514
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