cathy i just found a flea. it fell from my hair into my lap. does this mean i have them? or was it from cuddling the cat too much? either way; i'm not very happy. 010415
bloodstone wash your hair thouroughly and eat spicy food (with a fair amount of garlic) as often as you can stand to
(the combination of the taste and the anticoagulant properties of garlic will chase them off if by chance you actually have them - this is part of where the vampire mythology about garlic comes from)

and examine your cat, then powder it and get it a nice new flea collar, because if he/she's got 'em then that's where they came from and they will keep turning up otherwise

and vacuum your carpet thouroughly
unhinged everyone thought we were starving the cat because she was allergic to flea bites and all her fur would fall out. see...we told you. she's just a big puff ball...she's really not that much of a fat ass.

i don't know how many times we vacuumed and bombed and dipped the cat and they never went away. i'm glad we moved out of that house.
ClairE He is beyond cool. 011219
red121 i am flea 030109
smurfus rex when I was in 9th grade, I wrote a series of stories about a character I call...

"Dink, the Water Flea."

See, Dink would always die at the end of each story and get reincarnated as something higher on the food chain in the next story. I think I got up to 9 reincarnations.

I was bored in yearbook class cuz I got stuck with the index. Joy.
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