daf I was reading about the passenger pigeon the other day. You know the story don't you?

At the beginning of the 1800s they were the most common bird in North America. Some estimates put their numbers at 5 billion birds. That's why nobody thought twice about killing them to feed themselves. That's why no one thought twice about sticking them in traps and releasing them only to shoot them down. (Trap shooting? Clay Pigeons? Now you know.)

By the year 1914, only about 85 or so years after the wholesale slaughter began, the last passenger pigeon died in captivity. And that was that. The passenger pigeon is gone..never to return.

And as I read their story, I wondered if that's what we've been doing to human hearts.

6 billion of them on the planet and counting. So many of them they seem...cheap and expendable.

And so we kill them to feed our own egos. We trap them, just so we can shoot them down.

And I wonder: How many more years will it take before months...even years go by between sightings?
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crediblehulk Part of me wants to survive long enough to witness humanity emerge from its colossal stupidity a more kind, reasonable, and practical species ó one whose lifestyles donít destroy the planet and enslave countless sentient beings. Another part of me doesnít really give a shit and wants to watch everything rot and burn in the inevitable omnicide. Sometimes I think we have the potential to bring peace and balance to this world, and other times I think that, given our history, humans donít deserve to exist. 151217
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