f_f_f.... if you let Mellow Yellow in then there will be a good reason why she doesn't want to come to my party.

i know she doesn't want to: see my happy family and not be the centre of attention but if you let her in, we can both torment you even more. hee hee

she needs a spanking


fine art is illustration you dickheads.
Ouroboros you are a mother-fucking hippocrate. you preach about tribes and community, how open you are, and then you shit all over the weak. how can you say you are the leader of anything, that you believe in community, when you call a member of your community a princess, when you tell her she's not allowed to come by anymore, that people in the house are going to have a meeting about her that she can't come to- you are a weak asshole. you think you are in power, but you are pathetic. absolutely. that you have no compassion for this woman, who you KNOW needs this community, who you know is fragile and takes you words to heart- who called me crying and broken. you surround yourself with people too scared or stupid or weak to stand up to you, and I am wondering what I am doing here. Even looking at you makes me shake with anger 070907
up yours tribes are community you dickhead or do you want to blow your pipe at me, i'll show you what poison is.

go build a fence around yourself if you want to have fun.
Lemon_Soda So, ofcourse, instead of discussing it more and trying to mutual improve our perspectives we digress into petty crap slinging...

Whoa...think I had a daf moment...
? a you a fireman? 070913
what's it to you?
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