something that brings about a change in something else

something that causes an important event to happen

The imposition of harsh taxes was the CATALYST that finally brought on the revolution
the invasion acted as a CATALYST to unite the country
p2 tk, nice word_of_the_day
plus you spelled everything right
i bet you have no problems spelling
you just like to flirt with bsc
Toxic_Kisses *L* don't I wish! Na, this comp I'm using has spell check, while the other comp back home doesn’t, I would DL some kind of spell check program but my guy thinks we might get some kind of bug or what not, I also think he doesn’t want to get spell check so as to discourage me from writing as much, but that could just be the paranoia sneaking up on me ^.^ 031230
Raina stimuli...

I loved him, and he never knew.

It was for the best I guess
Harlequin The pride and love of one effect of cause becomes the catalyst for the next. We can never, ever stop what we're doing. Can't stop the repetitive cycle of our lives our thoughts our secrets. Catalysts, everyone of us. 051122
misstree not repetitive cycles
and there are always right angles to be taken
if you don't mind being cut to ribbons by the point
im revising A chemical that may be added to a chemical reaction to accelerate the rate of reaction, without this chemical being used up itself.
A catalyst for one reaction is unique to that reaction and may not necessarily work for any other.
A catalyst lowers the activation energy of a reaction (ie. the minimum amount of energy needed in that reaction for the collision of particles to be successful), thus causing more successful collisions in a shorter amount of time, hence faster rate.
hsg economic_catalyst


In_Bloom You push me
I push you
We're both sick to our stomachs and distance hasn't lessened us
What will we become?
Push on
Push on
Push on
what's it to you?
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