Whitechocolatewalrus Whose reflection is this I see;
Who could it be but me?
Have I grown weary at the sight of mine own?
Oh how hard I do try
To hide all everything from mine eye.
But these mirrors are not awash
With the burdens of guilt and worry.
They will tell every story
Without a single thought to fame and glory.
unhinged if you saw me now, i wouldn't know what i saw reflected in your eyes. tonight confirmed that for me though the past few weeks have reminded me why i left. her story shocked me.

'i went to the ghetto bell the other day with anne and i was telling her how much i missed taking you there,'

'huh? taking ME there?'

'yeah, the time that you woke up for the first time in days after you o.d.ed on painkillers or whatever and asked me to take you to ghetto bell. i mean it was normal for me not to see you for days at a time...'

'i had my scene there'

'yeah baby doll you definitely had your 'scene.' i hadn't seen you in days and i knew that something was wrong though. i don't i said it was normal but something didn't feel right about that time.'

'well, that's how i got when i got really depressed. i used to do a lot of drugs and then sleep for a few days. but hey, i still graduated summa cum laude.'

'yeah that's scary'
'yeah, some of the smartest people i know are potheads'

'was i really that bad?'

'yeah honey. you were.'

i was.
what's it to you?
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