epitome of incomprehensibility Thus no longer unblathed, eh? Riding a bike instead of a car is better for the environment and it's good exercise etc. but often it's less convenient. So what, it's fun, especially going down hills. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 050905
hsg i find it a lot more convenient than the seven cars i've owned.

ive biked 18,000+ miles over the last 28 months. i've seen & done things i've otherwise wouldn't have been able to. cycling, fresh air, elevated heartrate are infinitely more enjoyable than sitting in traffic.

i wouldn't trade my days of cycling for anything & i continue to do it.

even if you're not sure if you can do it, do it a little everyday. add 30 seconds to everytime you roll out, then roll back. at an additional minute everyday, you will find yourself surprised at just how far you can go with a bit of consistency.

you'll have to eat a lot of good food, otherwise you'll get to light and toned and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. and you might have to find something to spend all your money on because in a decade you'll save tens of thousands of dollars you would have donated to big oil companies. a lot of your friends will still be alive if you get them to bike instead of drive.
nom cycling 070211
mingus viscous FUN CLEAN & CHEAP! truly the better way.

i won't even consider buying a car until i have my first child.
stephshine bikes hate snow. 070218
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