typhoid beware. for nought ought not naught. for the ciphers in the script. the script is being read. do you dance? or do you play? or are you reading? why not? 000410
awake fair warning?
i read
i dance
i read script also

i hear dead people
zentist did i say "beware"? 010216
stork daddy a small flighty bird sits on the end of a palatable geometry.
a truck releases like a roller coaster hitch and everywhere
kinetic energy is scattered
into children reading history books into the real and then proof
of the imagined as well.

a clown forced to be a knight,
a night forced to be a crown....
what's the difference!
pay it to me.
I'll wear it, that crown,
and sit in front of you in a movie
theatre and you'll never know
we were meant to be,
but mistook the wrong masks
at the wrong time,
a failed and hollow weaning.

and so beware the secret ninja police. when it feels like rain,
it is just them throwing fog like ninja stars.
when you feel in love, that's just them giving technological virtuosity to the myth of cupid.

i lie down, just playing....

but you'd all pass me by if they didn't point me out.

you weren't ready for the stop, the space provided.

why is it considered so dark when a heart is broken? cuz it goes against society's assumption of what love is?

i tell you, you broke my heart,
and i was a bunnicula boy
leaning on the open door of a truck
with eyes cast down and off,
of this pasta grounded body.

you left me holding onto the inevitable ride home,
which is not all the tiring clubs
of the golf or dance or card variety,
which isn't passing
the right exit,
a road trip,
or late night broad donuts.
stork daddy ooh i should've been fancy and bridged them. 021211
what's it to you?
who go