BewareOfPenguin Why is it when I visit that other place in the wee small hours, the alarm clocks sound like telephones? "Beep, Beep, Beep!!!" "Would someone get that? Tell them I'm not here. I'll be back from Utopia in 9 minutes" 010505
naive_idiot - After the Beep -

You just don't know how silly I feel to talk to a stupid machine.
My palms, they sweat, my mind goes blank. I just think that I'd like to scream.

You recite your cute message and think I'll reveal
the deep thoughts of my heart to be played back at will.

I'd like you to know just how I feel; I think you've got lots of gall.
It's silly for you to think I'd believe that you'd ever return my call.

If you're not going to be home but out who-knows-where,
well, i won't leave a message, I'll show you, so there.
bethany your mom 020814
anythingbutcryptic "i find you very attractive."

yanno, if only it was that easy. im too insecure.

on msn
my friend says:
how have you been
i says:
i think im less ugly
my friend says:
you think too much about being ugly
my friend says:
espically considering that youre not

ugly ugly ugly. ok, im pretty.

i know im ... enough to get beeped at.
beep. :)
whistled at.
but still.

sometimes everything, maybe, coudlnt be enough
let me tell you that i try to be content with my lot

i really try

fuck it, i am.

i am content with my lot.
dessiahs_song hello 080621
what's it to you?
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