sabbie i sat at the staion today on the platform feeling all weird, staring at the red train with brown and textured seats. it was not nostaliga i felt, it was more an uncomforatble familiarity, like old knicks that dont fit anymore, tinged with sadness, tinged with regret.

even though i hadnt been on the train for two years the conductor remembered me and was pleased to see me. as we chatted i guess i was reminded of the fact that the past wasnt all bad.
ClairE You walk me through your past at night when I'm lying in bed. I ask for more and more stories.

I can't journey through the past. Someone took my past and cut it into little pieces and sometimes I pick up one here or there, and bring it back to you. The past doesn't make any sense to me.
PsykOs_sexslave Sometimes I know what you mean, but they are all lying.
There are very few Fox Mulder personality types out there in this world.

The truth is out there, yeah, but can you find it? And if you can discover the truth will anyone else really give a fuckin' damn?

This is my reality.
notme down the st. lawrence
we travelled for two months
in a birch bark canoe
sab i dont have a past
facing resolutly forward
an empty, raging hole behind me
tattering away
each second of my life
as it passes me
and is torn
into the teflon void

the wind roars around my head
and my blood roars in my ears
as i run, windswept
every forward

there is only ever
one direction
i can take
what's it to you?
who go