psyki a long time ago in a land far away
there was a man who had nothing to wear
girl with someone i dearly love, i feel how warm he is and how soft his skin is. i can feel his breath on my skin and his heart beating against mine. there is nothing hidden. there is no makeup there are no masks. we are able to se into eachother and accept any flaws. looking at eachother i know we both think the other is perfect. nothing else matters. it is only us, like we are the first man and woman on earth. 000327
mipsmam i like to be unclothed, but i wouldnt want to live naked constantly.
especially not during girl time
queeriod boy time is no picnic either 041202
Syrope i hate being sick
i hate being grumpy when i'm sick. sometimes it's not even a sour mood, just an absence of a mood, but i still feel bad for it

i'll stop apologizing eventually, i know it's irritating. i just love having you near, even when i can't be playful and fun. i love being naked with you even when i'm sick. it's not about the sex, it's about feeling close to you.

not that the sex isn't good too. really unstuffs my head :)

but now if you get sick, and i'm still sick, who's gonna take care of you? :(
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. always in my dreams when I'm at the shops or at work. 061107
Ouroboros was I was he and I wept 070403
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