kx21 TOE Q9: Mind & Matter

What is their appropriate relationship(s)?

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Answer From The Truth:-

TOE Q9: Mind is appropriately positioned directly over matter.
kx21 Is that the final answer? 010719
kx21 What is in your Mind?

e.g. Money,

What are the matters you really Mind?

e.g. Happiness
Photophobe Matter

What is their appropriate relationship(s)?

Well if I mind, then it matters, but only to me.
But since it doesn't matter to anyone else, then it would seem silly of me to mind.
So I guess I don't mind, so it doesn't really matter.
kx21 That's an insightful thought...

To explore further...

Can Mind work without Matter?

Can Matter exist without Mind?
Photophobe So basically, you're asking me if I'm a solipsist.

Source reference: Cinema
Have you seen Memento?
The final scene is interesting, because it explores this very theme. Leonard (the lead) is driving along with his eyes closed. He tries to test weather or not the outside world is out there, somehow, but loses his nerve when he hears the car go too close to another.

Since he has no memories, he exists comepletely independantly; his mind is self sufficient; he can't take imput.

The final monolouge as he drives along blindly is him asking if the world is out there? Is it? Is it still there?

Then he opens his eyes, and backs down from the argument, but without apololgy:

"Yeah, its there. We all need mirrors to remind us who we are."

My problem is similar to his. I'm inclined to believe that only I exist, but if I stick to my convictions, that means sinking into oblivion.
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