hsg a piece of frayed_rope, especially twine often discarded, but can keep your heart_beating. wreck your blues... whatever you have to do.

the_fuzzier_the_better we aim for the most surface_area per volume. we want o2ur molecules to make up a good amount of that fuzzy_mass upon which our attention rests. don't smother it. let it breathe.

the matter of wreck_ignition is up_to_the_winds. there_might_be_a_spark but careful not to filter our options from what might have bean, a lens. it might be a battery and a piece of steel_wool from the side of the road. a glass bottle with water - use your own if you have to. a busted cigarette lighter still has a spark. shoelaces putting a spin on the sides of a scraped up stick.

focus, balance, alter
In_Bloom wreck_ignition
you have named it so perfectly
and the witnesses run in streaks down my own face
hsg wit_ness

inconclusive before the try_all
Risen (Yes, I know this isn't how you spell it.)

But dear god I need to rant.

I thought "oh, my life is incredibly lonely, maybe I'll go look at the dating app thing". What a mistake. So far, two women have messaged me.

One said she was straight but wanted to have sex with a woman.

The second's opening line was "Yea, you want me to smash your glasses, baby. Break your eyes."

I think it's better to stay single forever.
what's it to you?
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