whispers hmm 050323
. why 050323
palm for fear.

we play. because we know not how to stop.


when do they end? tell me the answer and I will roll the die..
wihspers its your game
I walked into it..
but the end is yours
and the answers remain yours


when will you understand
sunflower i never started to play any games until you crossed the threshold.

if i bore the game it still took you to take the first move.

understanding comes with the playing.

and i understand up until where it has brought me.

i fear you feel that i have not come to any great realisations where there are none. to me, this is not a failure.

what have i to gain that you have already? what have you to lose that i have to gain? what is there to be gained and lost. won. tossed.

we both know the very least of the rules. and pretend to grasp the very depths of the directions to which we face.

i feel rather that we are both scared. we attempt to know. and hide behind masks that do not know, and stuggle in attempts to figure out.

toss the board game aside. and we shall no longer attempt to walk the fine lives of the boardwalk. we will evade change and miss the community chests.

Onto the wide open sunrise. the rolling greens. the real. we shall walk. understand that of the false there is no understanding to be had. but rather that neither you nor i face each other in a light of reality, but rather a facade that twinkles just a little to catch our eye.

we like to play sometimes. it is ever unfortunate that we've chosen each other.

i hate to walk away. and you're right. I did.
whispers very well 050323
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