Dis I told you,
I dreamt I was kissing the most lovely face,
enrapt in giddy, heady, kissbliss stirrings;
But the watchman warned me "Don't be fooled!
That isn't a man, it's a monument."
I pulled my lips from my inamorato,
left his sweet, warm skin,
and watched, aghast, as he slowly turned to stone.
I was, it would seem, in error.
And so I told you this,
and from 2300 miles away you said to me,
"Hey, listen,
the next time you dream you're kissing someone,
try to make it me."
unhinged i needed to talk because i just wanted to cry; i was never such a disappointment to myself as i was tonight. i blew all the chances i ever wanted in one stupid self-indulgent moment of unpreparedness. but you had to go; didn't have time to listen. adrian was coming over and you had to get ready. i saw this all in those kisses. no time to listen when you've got a relationship in front of you. i understand; i hate it, but i understand. 010924
crawling back under my rock you weren't in one and i didn't know what to do. 010924
the sloth statatory rape is a wonderful thing.

i was at a party today and there was this beautiful girl there, and me and my brother were both hitting on her. he gave her our number (we live in the same house) and told her to call.

after the party we were told she is 17.

therefore it is illigal for my brother to do anyhing with her (he is 23), but ok for me to.


...wait, i turned 18 about a month ago. SHITSHITDAMNBITCHWHOREFUCKFUCK
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