TK Went shopping for job hunting clothing, noticed that it's hard to find slacks. I mean you can find kacky cargo pants and kacky water waders and kacky this and that, but it's really hard to find slacks! yet when you enter the menís department (had to pass by their to get shoes, you cant wear jogging shoes on an interview after all) all you saw were an assortment of slacks in different styles and colors, and I mean this wasnít just at one store but at all 6 stores I went to, maybe I'm paranoid (oh wait thatís right I am) but that seems highly sexist!! Not only that but if they did have slacks for females it was in some hard to find corner of the store! and even then they usually didnít have my size (granted I didnít really know what my size was, seeing as each brand of clothing like XoXo could say I'm a size 6 while Star City could say I was a size 3!) either way no matter what size my clothing said (or for that matter the fact that my scale clames that Iím now 95 pounds) I still felt heavy compared to the perfectly built 5í6 teen waifs that kept romeing around (granted I have to shop in the teen section bc of my height/size) as if to intentionally remind every one else who wasnít 85 pounds how unattractive they are, didnít matter what part of the store I was in (for instance when I was looking at mens boxers for my BF) it was as if they were on a seek and destroy confidence mission! Contradictory to this was that most of the pants that I saw at these stores were a size 7 or above, so why are these waifs shopping at stores that donít carry their size?? Really whatís the point? (my excuse is I didnít know any better until today) any way I was out the better part of today and only was able to find two pair of kacky slacks, thatís right just two! 040417
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