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Caxton I remember her
so clearly
grey hair, perfect red lips,
smiling for everyone to see.
Even if she wasn't always happy.

Her perfume always closed around me when i hugged her.
her laugh always made me warm inside.

i had always loved to sit down beside her on the old worn couch that her daughter didn't bother to replace.. there i loved to talk to her.
why didnt they care as much?

she hated gossip, our "lingo", she wanted out of this town.. and I could tell. why was it so clear for me.. and no one else?

the family that she lived with.. her family.. was nothing like her.

i remember being with momma on the road, seeing her wandering down it.
why would she do it? to get out of that house that yelled and remarked on unreplacable feelings? or did she enjoy the air, the clouds that gathered high in the sky and always seemed to wave from her from above. I know she loved it.

She always kept her memories in a locket.. hanging deep inside her.. her heart, and when she wanted out of the place she was in, she told me a story, and how i loved her stories.

she wanted out of this town just as badly as i did, and it broke my heart to know Id be gone for good in a year.
but maybe when she gets to heaven.. she'll be so much happier..
globalfruitbat Caxton--that was incredibly moving. just well done, you. 040728
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