Q Sleepless people, at least the sensible ones, are always asking to be awakened and informed if something happens that others, whom they trust or at least appreciate, think they should be informed about.

Once I told a sleepless lover, who was surely sensible, something I had discovered that I thought she ought to know. That was that she ought to get some sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, she and all her things were gone. I've not seen or heard from her since.

That has not made me any more sleepless than I was but sometimes has made me sad. It still does.

There are I imagine things I've learned, for which she would want me to wake her, and things she's learned, for which I would want her to wake me.

Perhaps the irony is that it might be more sensible to recognize that there have always been others to keep her and me awake.

C 2000
Shugarhi I once thought I was a sensible person, now I know I was wrong to think so.

I once thought you were sensible...

It's just one more mistake I made...
unhinged shoes

never had a pair of them in my life
captain sensible he said "captain"

i said "wot?"
freznick and I said "yar" 021111
stupid which means "yes" in pirate lingo.

so, really, it owuld just be best to say that I said "yes".

less confusing that way.
Anna_Began Ah, a word that describes nothing I do these days according to my father. 030313
Isaou Jendricks
I've decided
sounds very sensible
what's it to you?
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