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phil After all I've seen on the BBC today, about Rwanda. I am familiar with this feeling of over exposure to horrible things, it makes them meaningless.
To see so many dead bodies, it just makes you give up try to have any feeling to associate with it, it is not beyond words, but you can't feel it, can't feel sorry about it. I only look at the dead corpses half bone, and think how peaceful they look like sleepers, taken from the violent world and brought to a peaceful place, the happiness that will one day in the future come once again to Rwanda. I see children playing games and life continuing on. Horrible things forgotten, because what had happened was not stopped and had reached it's conclusion, it seems that nothing wrong has happened, that in the end what was done will make no change.
Only the people who had done the killing, their lives are ruined.
Anyone who survived may be thankful but I could not imagine what passes in their mind each day to be remembered at night. Life has a conclusion. It is something that is directing my life.
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