typhoid wow.
what a productive night (*snicker*)
i've succeeded in making a script hack that lets me view all of my blather entries (at least, all i've done w/ my current email address) on one page.. sorted alphabetically by word.
doesn't work nearly perfect
and the formatting kinda, well, sucks..
but it's a start.
(bloody ugly code too.. hehe)

what i'm sayin, is, if people are interested in this sorta thing i might find the time to make a web interfacable version in which one could type in their blather name and after a little while be presented by a page (nicely in the blather fasion) of all the stuff they've ever written.. course if it was in some sort of context, that would be lost (cept for the title of the page)..
eh eh? how 'bout it?

i'm not tryin to take the whole associativity factor out of blather, just that some of us have some stuff we've written and want to save but have like 1700+ words..
Rhin I want, I want, I want! I have always used the same e-mail, but half of my blathes are floating out there somewhere, instead of being on my who blathes page, like it should be... 001225
typhoid my thingy uses the who blathes page as an index, but in yur case it might be *all right*.. looks like you've got a few extra blathes on;name=Rhin
than you do on yur regular who page.. yeah, that ones got 170 unique words as opposed to the usual one which only has 67..
tourist Yes, Yes, Typhoid ,I'd be interested, but it would have to be Dirt Simple for me to use it for I am a Cyber-Idgit and barely able to navigate around here as it is. All this talk of HTTPs CGIs ect. just fogs my bean. Perhaps If I E-mail you later you could hook me up somehow. I'm just an Old Dog in a world of New Tricks. 010116
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