hahaha and Precarious are my favourate words!

...Constantly precariously balanced between good and evil, right and wrong, life and death.

Another precarious situation you got me into! (and out of)

I'm going to precariously balance on this cliff. OKAY????
marjorie one misstep. one tiny error. one little itty bitty mistake and you're gone. you are no more. or maybe... that's when you are just beginning. whatever the case may be,
oh so precariously
SomeoneElse Love increases my tendency to live life within this word. Daily I falter and watch as the world falls around me. 000405
birdmad balanced at the edge of the awful precipice.

did i jump?
was i pushed?

it matters not
it's been so long
i am here now.

the debris always settles to the floor
TalviFatin I live precariously through thine own eyes. 011108
blather word -usage check precariously or vicariously 011108
TalviFatin precariously. I know what the word means...duh. I tend to use words in the strangest context. Just let me express and release without persecution. Thankyou. 011108
unhinged even after all this peace and calm and work on the way of shambhala, i still feel like i could tip over at any moment

i guess that's my default emotion
unhinged (probably doesn't help that i'm having major upheaval in my life right now either *sigh*) 110628
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