yummyC this is the first time in about three years or so that my hair has been in a pony tail. I mean for longer than five minutes.
it feels strange. I never put my hair up. which makes sense, cus my hair is short right now. but i never put it up when it was long.
ruchi hi !!
i'm ruchi,19..ifound u really caring n'loving..i've a problem..please advice.
i've a tomboyish nature..i'd always been with boys while i was growing up..'n i never felt girlish ever.i never wanted my hair braided 'n all that stuff..but now my mom wants me 2 keep my thick long hair tied up neatly..so she puts a lot of oil..and braids my hair into bunches twisted into plaits,one on each side of my head..problem is i never made my hair...but now its another feeling altogether..just imagine me in jeans and top and wearing two long flowing braided ponytails...i feel very girly..if ever i argue over this..then mom ties my hair into 3-4 braided ponytails (by dividing my hair into 4 parts)and even ties ribbons on them and makes me go to school like that...now this is the height if i say anything to dad he says its ok ,i'm looking good..but now i feel very..i never imagine myself as agirl'n still act as if i'm aboy..so what is this feling? ....please say something. I'M NOW really confused for whom to saythis hope u have sth to say..
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