grendel as Gengar pokettu monsutaa 001008
porygon want to see some weird shit...


you can do this to any website, just change the URL

it's pointless to be sure, but hey, why not
Casey Max and I used to watch it all the time. Ah, memories. 011102
girl i love pokemon!

people think im strange for this i guess but oh well..
i used to collect the cards and ive seen the movies and would watch the shows
i have some figurines and plush pokemon toys and a couple of t shirts

its going out of style now i think...thats good...when things get really popular with the kids its just insane with parents buying everything they can get their hands on for their kids.
hopefully if my brother gets sick enough of it he'll give me his old pokemon stuff ~grin~

gotta catch em all!
birdmad god_collection 011218
grendel as gengar togepi 011218
zulu pretty freaky pocket monsters 020628
Strideo squirtle!
fonz meh... i used to be into pokemon, but it fell victim to the "power rangers syndrome"... they should have that stopped when the green ranger became the white ranger, or whatever. with pokemon, the addition of all these pokemon seires, with crystal and gold and sapphire... the point is that the only reason why it was still shoved in ppls faces was for $$$... it's all marketing, everything. everthing is "cool" because it makes some one else rich off of what you buy. 031208
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