psyki there are lots of numbers.
i know this because once i counted to 1000.
i like to look at numbers.
my favorites are 563 and 449.
but i also like 318, 670, and 205.
i really hate 833 and 992.
poohbear i am number now than i have ever been.
is it because i've lost touch with reality?
Matthew I am number 000621 in this great interwoven mesh of poetry, I have a number that says who I am. But you dont know anything about me except what is written here. So in a way you may know me better than my friends because through this you are able to see inside of my head. I share this with you nevertheless because I think that it is a great thing to be able to share so much with so many. All of this from a number I hide behind. 000625
ducky So sorry to burst your bubble, but all that 000621 means is that whatever you wrote, it was on June 21, 2000.

Oh, but you probably are not even reading this because the last time you wrote something it was on 000730.

Ah well.
mpayton Numbers are cool.

as my favorite number is 420 010529
User24 this page looked very odd, so I thought I'd blathe to it. 030401
User24 ahh, that's better 030401
niska one is the lonliest.

13 is mine.
oli pi and e
mean so much
they shape this world
maybe thats why
they are my favourite numbers
mike 6 is good it's everywhere 040506
past a sign of our times, i had other plans but was enjoying the crew i was with. as i went to make an appearance at the original location a fury of cell phones popped out and were passed around as we traded numbers so we could meet later that night. 081122
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