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what do they have in common kids?

hehehe...i almost laughed out loud at the thought of selling babies for fodder in the human machine because it was so obscene...satire he says. ick.
unhinged everday anguish misanthrope

but the way your hair tumbles out of your fleece band gives me new hope.
unhinged everyday

wingedSerpent and_i_realized that the trouble with people is that there's too many of 'em 030313
lc "There's nothing I hate more than the contortions of these protestation mongerers, these affable exchangers of fatuous greetings... Who bandy civilities with all comers and treat everyone,
blockhead and man of sense and discernment, alike. What satisfaction can there be in having a man express his consideration for you, profess friendship, faith, affection, esteem, and praise you up to the skies when he'll hasten to do as much for the first worthless scoundrel he comes across?... No man with any self-respect wants that sort of debased and worthless esteem. There's precious little satisfaction in the most glorious of reputations if one finds that one has to share it with the whole universe. Esteem must be founded on some sort of preference. Bestow it on everybody and it ceases to have any meaning at all... I spurn the all-embracing, undiscriminating affection which makes no distinction of merit... To put it bluntly, the friend of all mankind is not my line at all."
-Moliere, "The Misanthrope"
u24 singing like a girl. #welcome home miss ann thrope# 040103
ee beep peep ahhh!!! 040224
z you suggest with your little glances that i ought to consider you and probably feel all sorts of tremulous shivering recriminations as i ride the staircase of souls up to the top in air that stinks less and you regard my ascent with some vague but lasting foreboding and rightly step out of my way and elicit no thanks as i pass i stumble and kick at your livers under spider's gaze you fry and stops 090608
unhinged i do not trust most people to do the right thing


i retreat into my shell
what's it to you?
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