peyton If you even care..

Write me. I'll listen. I need someone to listen to. I miss the intricacies of people. I miss hearing people release as they say what they feel.

I know you don't know me, and I don't know you. But I want to hear you. I want to hear you right now.

I'm reaching towards you in the darkness, with only the wish for you to touch my fingertips. I want to know you.. I want to hear all about you.. I want to experience all you will put forth.

I want to know everything you are, if you'll only speak.

I don't care how much or how little you care for yourself.. I care.. and I want to hear it.

Scream or whisper.. I won't turn from you.. unless you ask. I don't care who you are.. I just want to hear your voice.. write me.. please.
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge i am the sound
after decision
before movements
of an angels wings

[will u listen 4 me]?

sound the ... am i?
decision after
movements before
wings... angels an of

?[me 4 listen u will]

i am the silence's sonance
during decision's before
during movement's after
of an angels annex

[will u listen 4 me]?
ClairE ...I'm not going to say it.

Oh, God, I hope you do.
man on the moon I care

I always have

I always will
silentbob i'm only here and negative 011219
and now its too late dear dear peyton, I guess it all came up flaming and brown
I guess you said... too much
she we still care bobby 011222
monee this was in three_words two days in a row 041221
peyton life is short

but this time it was bigger

than the strength he had to get up off his knees
three words oooo_oooo if_you_even_care
what's it to you?
who go