endless desire and fall into your arms
and die a thousand times
grass can accomplish the most virtuous of acts alone
flowers achieve brilliance in strikingly good time
and in the context of history, roses bloom outward for the sun.
you can Lift your head
or bow down in prides way
don't crush the hands that feeds you
don't wring the hands of selfish love
give and die.
but don't ask for what you won't receive
because broken hearts feed this ocean
of sorrow and desperation,
turning into knives that sting
and pierce the sky.
pierce the heart.
i give and die.
spiffy "i am the only one to blame for this
somehow it all ends up the same
soaring on the wings of selfish pride
i flew too high
and like icarus i collide
in a world i try so hard to leave behind
to rid myself
of all but love
to give and die..."
peyton i offer up
to your highest gods
this black
that can do nothing but sting
and steal breath
and take away
i can give
all you can take
and then
you will be mine
and then you will give
and i will drink
until you run over my chin
and silently crash into the floor
like a doll made of ash

i am whispers in the dark love
i am the serpent
and i will always love you
jane i have kept giving
until there is no more left
jane peaches 070522
what's it to you?
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